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1987 Ritchey Super Comp - #9C87

Heres the story behind this bike...

I bought it from Pacific Bikes in San Francisco (a couple of my friends worked there) back in 86. By the time I got it, as Ritchey was backlogged, It was in between the Team Comp and Super Comp so the geometry was Team Comp 74-69 with the Bullmoose bars but its made out of Prestige so I don't really know what that makes it. It did come with the Super Comp decal though.

The paint job was my own creation, well kind of, as you'll see (which was then copied by the guy who did Ritchey's painting at the time). I've seen several Ritcheys (in fact, MBA reviewed one) with that same paint job. kind of pissed me off. But I guess imitation is the best form of flattery.

I'll tell you where it came from so that proves I'm the first one with it...

A friend of mine, actually my girl friend's (at the time) brother, invited me to go down to Nellis AFB in Nevada to watch the air force's equivillent of the Top Gun games and also check out the Thunderbirds (air force acrobatics team). I figured hell their burning all my tax dollars in gasoline so why not, I might as well get something for my money. Very cool to say the least, anyways the "bad guys" (flight instructors) are known as the aggressor squadron and this purple cammo is how their planes are painted. When I saw that color scheme, I sent Ritchey a picture and had them paint my bike the same way. I figured it would look cool on a bike and be different than the regular Cammo, People either love it or hate it!

I repainted it to original specs about 6 years ago. It had seen some action after 10 years of mileage.

- CR

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