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The Ritchey Project started in March, 2003, as an attempt to capture and record better information on early mountain bikes produced by Tom Ritchey. Estimating the age of early bikes can be difficult due to the lack of documentation. One of the goals of this project is to help more easily identify the early Ritchey bikes.

Beginning as early as 1978, Tom Ritchey was building off-road bikes. As one of the first builders and an early pioneer of mountain bikes, the bikes that Tom built provide some of the best ties to the early roots of mountain biking.

Project Goals:

In order for this site to grow, we need information from you! If you own an older Ritchey, Ritchey Catalogs, bike reviews, etc., please contact me with that information. Bikes can be submitted via the "Submit Your Bike" link in hte main menu. All other info can be sent to me at

Although my interest is concentrated on the older bikes (pre-1990), the site contains information up until about the year 2000. Although newer information and links can be found on this site, the resource specifically targets the older bikes.