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Ritchey Bike Listing

Most post-1984 bike models can be identified using the serial number. In most cases there is a single letter in the serial number that signifies the model. The most notable exception to this is the "P" series frame.

Earlier frames are more difficult to identify. During the first few years of production there were not specific models available - only the MountainBike - however, bikes can differ greatly. In 1982 "production" bikes began to be offered. This differed from previous models in that frames and their components were delivered to a "set spec" that was not varied, at a reduced price. (Shops may have swapped parts out before delivery, so bikes may not have always been exactly as listed.)

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  • Ascent / Ascent Comp / Aspen / Outback

    These bikes were the first Japanese bikes imported by Ritchey.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    127198821.5 in.Ascent
    5K00141198518 in.Ascent
    5L00079198619 in.Ascent
    5L0038198619.5 in.Ascent
    6D00168198618.5 in.Ascent
    6I00106198616.5 in.Ascent
    737198717 in.Ascent
    A500186198520 in.Ascent
    A500?86198520 in.Ascent
    A5A0427198520 in.Ascent
    A5A0573198519 in.Ascent
    A5C0276198520 inchAscent
    A5E00126198517 in.Ascent
    A5G00011198521 in.Ascent
    A5G00088198520 in.Ascent
    A5G00165198522.5 in.Ascent
    A5G00229198521 in.Ascent
    A5J 0008Ascent
    A5J 0008Ascent
    A5K00200198522 1/2 in.Ascent
    A5L 00007198521.5Ascent
    A5L00095198519 in.Ascent
    A5L00147198621.5 in.Ascent
    A6A00251198520.5 in.Ascent
    A6A00478198620 in.Ascent
    A6B00328198619.5 in.Ascent
    A6I00107198618 in.Ascent
    A7C00614198718 in.Ascent
    A7C00762198719.5 in. c-t-cAscent
    A7C00779198720 in.Ascent
    A8C00071198818.5 in.Ascent
    unknown198721 in.Ascent
    198921.5 in.Ascent Comp
    198921.5 inAscent Comp
    198921.5 inAscent Comp
    035Ascent Comp
    0A529198918.5 in.Ascent Comp
    1811989Ascent Comp
    1A755198921.5 in.Ascent Comp
    2A572198917 in.Ascent Comp
    2A618198818.5 in.Ascent Comp
    3A876199018 in.Ascent Comp
    3A946198921 in.Ascent Comp
    415Ascent Comp
    677(partial)198819 in.Ascent Comp
    684198920 in.Ascent Comp
    6A282198618 in.Ascent Comp
    A5G00190198521.5Ascent Comp
    A735198918 in.Ascent Comp
    A954199120Ascent Comp
    unknown198519 in.Ascent Comp
    unknown199017.5 in.Ascent Comp
    unknown198818 in.Ascent Comp
    284198818 in.Ascent SE
    N/A198521.5Ascent SE
    A5L00154198620 in.Aspen
    A5L00262198520 in.Aspen
    A6A00499198718 in.Aspen
    A6B00214198620 in.Aspen
    A6F00121198617 in.Aspen
    A6F00248198617.5 in.Aspen
    A6F00257198618 in.Aspen
    00429198821.5 in.Outback
    30032198817.5 in.Outback
    30200198820 in.Outback
    D0 488198820Outback
    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    0U355198920 in.Ultra
    0U379198917 in.Ultra
    0U464199020 in.Ultra
    466117 in.Ultra
    6U233198720 in.Ultra
    7543198918.5 in.Ultra
    7U103199018 in.Ultra
    7U261198919 in.Ultra
    895199016 in.Ultra
    A6F00206198719.5 in.Ultra
    A7C00216198720 1/4Ultra
    A7C00525198718 inUltra
    A7C0058198716 in.Ultra
    T7K001551988I'll have to check; Ultra
    U057198717 in.Ultra
    U285199020 in.Ultra
    "P" Series

    The P-23 was introduced in 1990. The "Team" designation was given to fillet-brazed frames. In 1994 the frame was called the "Comp-23" as the lighter P-22 and P-21 frames took the limelight off of the slighter heavier P-23 frame. In subsequant years the frame was called the "Comp Shocker," "Crazy Pete," and finally the "Comp."

    The P-22, P-21, and P-20 frames where made from lighter tubeset than the P-23. "Team" was added to the names of the fillet brazed models.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    9011199319 in.Comp
    9016199421 in.Comp
    P0151200218 in.Comp
    P0208199818 in.Comp
    P23 3021996Comp
    P67319 in.Comp
    199420”Comp 23
    8231199221 in.Comp 23
    P484199517 in.Crazy Pete
    P727199519 in.Crazy Pete
    1609199322 in.P-20
    820718 in.P-20
    P0138199717 in.P-20
    P0260199718 in.P-20
    P20 0100199417 in.P-20
    P20 039117 in.P-20
    P20 362199817 inP-20
    P21 15715 in.P-20
    PT16 0583199716 in.P-20
    PT21 1008199921 in.P-20
    unknown199620 in.P-20
    P 0121199620P-20 Team
    P20 0323199720 in.P-20 Team
    7P39199317 in.P-21
    8P85199418 in.P-21
    9P73199319 in.P-21
    9P82199019 in.P-21
    P002199018 in.P-21
    P012199617 in.P-21
    P21 004199619 in.P-21
    P21 22617 in.P-21
    P21-P023199617.5 in.P-21
    P545199518 in.P-21
    P555199519 in.P-21
    P564199518 in.P-21
    P590199318 in.P-21
    P593199316 in.P-21
    unknown199417 in.P-21
    0P46199220P-21 Team
    0P5920 in.P-21 Team
    0P6920 inP-21 Team
    1P34199421 in.P-21 Team
    5P1315P-21 Team
    8P36199218P-21 Team
    P 0146199317 in.P-21 Team
    P17517 in.P-21 Team
    1234199221 in.P-22
    1583199319 in.P-22
    1677199120 in.P-22
    1905199218 inP-22
    45918 in.P-22
    8179199119 in.P-22
    9009199215 in.P-22
    P430199117 in.P-22
    P487199519 in.P-22
    unknown199218 in.P-22
    0P45199220 in.P-22 Team
    1P19199221 in.P-22 Team
    8P22199218 in.P-22 Team
    8P3118 in.P-22 Team
    8P39199218 in.P-22 Team
    9P3819 in.P-22 Team
    1867199120 in.P-23
    1873199018 in.P-23
    303199020 in.P-23
    308199020 in.P-23
    390199018 in.P-23
    409198917 in.P-23
    424198917 1/2 in. c-cP-23
    444199019 in.P-23
    47317 in.P-23
    628199018 in.P-23
    680199020 in.P-23
    76721" center to topP-23
    81320 in.P-23
    8p11 or bp11199046 cmP-23
    P23 0137199720 in.P-23
    unknown198918 in.P-23
    0P14199020 in.P-23 Team
    424198917 1/2 in. c-t-cP-23 Team
    678198920 in.P-23 Team
    729199018P-23 Team
    731199019 in.P-23 Team
    8P21199018P-23 Team
    8P5199018 in.P-23 Team
    9P10199019 in.P-23 Team
    none199219 in.P-23 Team
    p05198920 in.P-23 Team
    1990's non P-series Frames
    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    1E821 in.Everest (1990s)
    1E919921Everest (1990s)
    2E2199522 in.Everest (1990s)
    8E10199218 in.Everest (1990s)
    99780199321 in.Everest (1990s)
    9E3199219 in.Everest (1990s)
    9E8199219 in.Everest (1990s)
    E 3199219 in.Everest (1990s)
    E9199120inEverest (1990s)
    AS054199417 in.Lite Beam
    none199121 in.Lite Beam
    S0041995LLite Beam
    S007199421 in.Lite Beam
    T500199319 in.Lite Beam
    NT18 1108200318 in.NiTi
    NT21 1004200121 in.NiTi
    P006917 in.Plexus
    PL18 0379200018 in.Plexus
    PL20 0409200020 in.Plexus
    PL20 1007199820Plexus
    PL21 0281199821 in.Plexus
    249199820 in.Soft Tail
    S0P 037917 in.Soft Tail
    SOFT 0030199620 in.Soft Tail
    SOFT 0142199617?Soft Tail
    SOFT 0229Soft Tail
    SOFT 0354199717 in.Soft Tail
    SOFT 0367199721 in.Soft Tail
    SOFT 0375199719Soft Tail
    SOFT 88199717 in.Soft Tail
    T1140199519 in.Soft Tail
    "Unknown" and Canadian* Frames"

    * Ritchey frames that are built using lugged construction were built in Japan by Toyo and imported into Canada by Rocky Mountain Bicycles. These frame were produced in the time period just after Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher ended their working relationship with each other. Tom, in search of a new distributor for his bikes, contacted Rocky Mountain who offered to sell whatever he could produce. Tube sets went to Toyo, who only built lugged frames, and completed Ritchey bikes were sent to Canada. At roughly this same time other Japanese-made Ritchey frames were being imported into the US, however these were TIG-welded

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    1988Force Comp
    18810051516 in.Force Comp
    R8126198820 in.Force Comp
    20unknown fillet brazed
    unknown fillet brazed
    2R0391982unknown fillet brazed
    2R0391982unknown fillet brazed
    32819 in.unknown fillet brazed
    No number, I’m thi1980Not sureunknown fillet brazed
    R021198822 inunknown fillet brazed
    R021198822 inunknown fillet brazed
    198426unknown lugged
    6H1399198619 in.unknown lugged
    7A00021198718 in.unknown lugged
    unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    1988unknown TIG welded
    198719unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    unknown TIG welded
    00030unknown TIG welded
    247199022unknown TIG welded
    247199022unknown TIG welded
    24722unknown TIG welded
    26654 cmunknown TIG welded
    44X22329unknown TIG welded
    4H03070 17unknown TIG welded
    4HO31191985unknown TIG welded
    4HO818811984unknown TIG welded
    739621.5unknown TIG welded
    A5A19821unknown TIG welded
    A5L00147unknown TIG welded
    I90111407unknown TIG welded
    Icfj9d03197unknown TIG welded
    Jcfj9D03197unknown TIG welded
    m2l630411980unknown TIG welded
    m2l63041unknown TIG welded
    p72117unknown TIG welded
    Road and Cross Bikes
    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    none198060 cmRoad (fillet)
    None197762cmRoad (fillet)
    None197759cmRoad (fillet)
    None 197924Road (fillet)
    none198260 cmRoad (fillet)
    T11798R197961 cmRoad (fillet)
    T28015R198024Road (fillet)
    1976Road (lugged)
    None 197862cmRoad (lugged)
    030198199857 cmRoad Classic
    14R8198856 cmRoad Classic
    163R1199156 cmRoad Classic
    168R122Road Classic
    1R8198856cmRoad Classic
    212R21992Road Classic
    24R6199654 cmRoad Classic
    49A8198949cmRoad Classic
    4R9200461 cmRoad Classic
    99R9199058 cmRoad Classic
    RC54 100654 cmRoad Classic
    T2802R60 cmRoad Classic
    020656 cmRoad Logic
    177R157cmRoad Logic
    46058 cmRoad Logic
    513199258Road Logic
    532199258 cmRoad Logic
    7422199254 cmRoad Logic
    90R957 cmRoad Logic
    9312199355Road Logic
    9418199456 cmRoad Logic
    9422199450 cmRoad Logic
    LOGIC 018050 cmRoad Logic
    RL50 2004200450cmRoad Logic
    RL52 101052 cmRoad Logic
    RL58 D108200158 cmRoad Logic
    RL6110260Road Logic
    ROAD 0017199754 cmRoad Logic
    RT 06454 cmRoad Logic
    T181018Road Logic
    199952cmSwiss Cross
    SC 014458 cmSwiss Cross
    SC 0235199752 cmSwiss Cross
    SC 0913200058 cmSwiss Cross
    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    none197820 in / 21 in.Road Tandem
    none197924 in. / 22 in.Road Tandem
    none1978largeRoad Tandem
    198521” x 16.5”Skyliner
    198521in x 16.5inSkyliner
    none198520.5 in. x 20.5 in.Skyliner
    none198322 in. x 21 in.Skyliner
    R 0081982L captain / M stokerSkyliner
    R021198822 inSkyliner
    R021198822 inSkyliner
    R021198822 inSkyliner
    T136198821 in. x 19 in.Skyliner
    T170198720/18 in.Skyliner
    T185198720 in. / 19 in.Skyliner
    Early Frames (1983 and earlier)

    Prior to 1981 a single frame style was offered. Begining with the 1982 catalog multiple models became available. The original frame because the "Everest" (also called the "MountainBikes I" frameset), and a several newer more economical models were introduced. The new models all used the "MountainBikes II") frameset which was available in fewer sizes, fewer colors, with no optional changes, and without a "relieved" head tube. More details on models can be found on this summary page.

    Bikes listed below as "Everest" models may well be the first model which had no name: the Ritchey MountainBikes frame.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    198122 in.Everest
    198122 in.Everest
    198122 in.Everest
    1500R198222 or 23 in.Everest
    1R0079198122 in.Everest
    1R0087198123 in.Everest
    1R0089198122 in.Everest
    1R0091198122 in.Everest
    1R0091198121 in.Everest
    1R0115198121 in.Everest
    1R0122198120 in.Everest
    1R0135198120 in.Everest
    1R0136198121 in.Everest
    1R0151198122 in.Everest
    1R190198122.5 in.Everest
    1R199198122 in.Everest
    218B10198221 in.Everest
    21A15198321.5 in.Everest
    21B51198321 in.Everest
    22A7198322 in.Everest
    23A5198323 in.Everest
    24A1198324 in.Everest
    2Pd198223 in.Everest
    2R 60198220.5Everest
    2R004198223 in.Everest
    2R010198222 in.Everest
    2R044198221 in.Everest
    none198122.5 in.Everest
    none198121 in.Everest
    none198021 in.Everest
    R 133198122 in.Everest
    185198220 in.McKinley
    1d3198320 in.McKinley
    21d198221 in.McKinley
    2B102198221.5 in.McKinley
    2R016198221.5 in.McKinley
    2R031198220 in.McKinley
    2R062198223 in.McKinley
    20851983Mount Tam
    20B42198320 in.Mount Tam
    20B48198320 in.Mount Tam
    21B15198321Mount Tam
    21B5198321Mount Tam
    21B55198321.5 in.Mount Tam
    21B80198321 in.Mount Tam
    21B80198321Mount Tam
    21SB11198321 in.Mount Tam
    21SB4198321 in.Mount Tam
    23B2198323Mount Tam
    23B28198323 in.Mount Tam
    253198424 in.Mount Tam
    2R149198321 in.Mount Tam
    30P198223 in.Mount Tam
    313198322 in.Mount Tam
    338198321 in.Mount Tam
    393198321 inMount Tam
    2R 60198220.5MountainBike
    4 H 001 33198418MountainBike
    1490198221 in.MountainBike II
    1560R198122 in.MountainBike II
    1R0077198121 in.MountainBike II
    1R0136198121 in.MountainBike II
    22B2198322 in.MountainBike II
    2R019198219 in.MountainBike II
    2R089198219MountainBike II
    2R104198222 in.MountainBike II
    3 54198223 in.MountainBike II
    2R119198223 in.Tamalpais
    Competition and Annapurna

    In 1983 Tom Ritchey introduced the Competition frame which had bi-laminate construction or "faux lugs." The frames appear to be lugged, but the "lug tangs" are brazed on to the tube and then the tubes are brazed togther. No acutal lug is used during the construction, and the method is closer to externally butted tubing than lugs.

    After a single year the Competition frame was retired. It's "race" features (lite tubes and geometry) because the Team Comp frame, and the faux-lugs were given to the Annapurna frame.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    0A21198520 in.Annapurna
    0A22198520 in.Annapurna
    0A5198520 in.Annapurna
    1A25198521 in.Annapurna
    2A1198422 in.Annapurna
    2A23198622 in.Annapurna
    2A4198522 in.Annapurna
    3A2198323 inAnnapurna
    7A1198317 in.Annapurna
    8A6198818 in.Annapurna
    8A8198818 in.Annapurna
    A10198519 in.Annapurna
    A12198622 in.Annapurna
    19C3198319 in.Competition
    21C11198321 in.Competition
    21C2198221 in.Competition
    21C9198321 in.Competition
    22C12198322 inCompetition
    22C23198322 in.Competition
    22C9198322 in.Competition
    The "B" Frames

    The "B" frame was the lesser expensive but still high-quality frame sold by Ritchey. The 1983 Mount Tam was the first "B frame" and was replaced by the TimberWolf in '84. The TimberComp was the same frame as the TimberWolf but with slighlty nicer components and a rear roller-cam brake. The Commando was the same frame with camo paint and black components.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    0B248198420 in.Commando
    0B365198420 in.Commando
    0B432198920 in.Commando
    0B534198620 in.Commando
    0B602198620 in.Commando
    1B135198621 in.Commando
    1B170198721 in.Commando
    1B190198521 in.Commando
    1B291198521 in.Commando
    1B346198521 in.Commando
    1B420198821 in.Commando
    20B67198320 in.Commando
    264198418 in.Commando
    8B177198718 in.Commando
    8B44198518 in.Commando
    OB286198419 inchCommando
    0318020Timber Comp
    0B278198520 in.Timber Comp
    0B431198420 in.Timber Comp
    0B449198520 in.Timber Comp
    0B484198620 in.Timber Comp
    0B63120 in.Timber Comp
    0B642198820 in.Timber Comp
    0B672198920 inTimber Comp
    0B688198920 inchTimber Comp
    1B221198121 1/2Timber Comp
    1B227198521 in.Timber Comp
    1B272198521 inTimber Comp
    1B276198821 in.Timber Comp
    1B280198521Timber Comp
    1B324198621 in.Timber Comp
    1B414198821 in.Timber Comp
    1B417198721.5Timber Comp
    1B422198721.5Timber Comp
    1B478198922 in.Timber Comp
    1B480198821 in.Timber Comp
    1B494198921 in.Timber Comp
    3B158198623Timber Comp
    4B26198422 in.Timber Comp
    5B1198425 in.Timber Comp
    8B138198618 in.Timber Comp
    8B156198818"Timber Comp
    8B164198418 in.Timber Comp
    8B167198718 in.Timber Comp
    8B169198718 in.Timber Comp
    8B17618 in.Timber Comp
    8B199198818 in.Timber Comp
    8B203198818 in.Timber Comp
    8B216199018 in.Timber Comp
    8B57198518 in.Timber Comp
    91580198719Timber Comp
    9B303198519 in.Timber Comp
    9B317198719 in.Timber Comp
    9B329198719 in.Timber Comp
    9B367198619 in.Timber Comp
    9B371198519 in.Timber Comp
    9B399198819 in.Timber Comp
    9B40321.5Timber Comp
    9B406198819 in.Timber Comp
    9B449198919 in.Timber Comp
    B260198521 in.Timber Comp
    OB495198620Timber Comp
    R75198920 inTimber Comp
    unknown198820inTimber Comp
    198321Timber Wolf
    198421.5Timber Wolf
    198421 in.Timber Wolf
    0B136198519 in.Timber Wolf
    0B218198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B27198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B275198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B300198420 in.Timber Wolf
    0B343198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B388198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B50198520 in.Timber Wolf
    0B59198520 in.Timber Wolf
    1B13198321Timber Wolf
    1B168198521 in.Timber Wolf
    1B256198521 in.Timber Wolf
    1B315198521 inTimber Wolf
    1B41198421Timber Wolf
    1B48198421 in.Timber Wolf
    1B4?198421Timber Wolf
    3B20198423Timber Wolf
    7B1198417 in.Timber Wolf
    8B10198418 in.Timber Wolf
    8B107198518 in.Timber Wolf
    8B134198618 in.Timber Wolf
    8B15198418 in.Timber Wolf
    8B53198418 in.Timber Wolf
    8B59 198518Timber Wolf
    9B14119 in.Timber Wolf
    9B190198518 in.Timber Wolf
    9B23198519 in.Timber Wolf
    9B261198519 in.Timber Wolf
    9B291198619 in.Timber Wolf
    9B39198419 in.Timber Wolf
    unknown198819 in.Timber Wolf
    unknown198420 in.Timber Wolf
    The "C" Frames

    The "C" frame was the "race" frame made by Ritchey. The 1983 Competition was the first "C frame," and was replaced by the Team Comp in 1984 and later by the Super Comp.

    Serial NumberYearSizeModel
    198818 in.Super Comp
    0C138198820 in.Super Comp
    0C15020 in.Super Comp
    0C156198820 in.Super Comp
    0C203198820 in.Super Comp
    0C243198820 in.Super Comp
    0C283198820 in.Super Comp
    0C324198920 inSuper Comp
    10195198721 in.Super Comp
    1C128198721 in.Super Comp
    1C130198721Super Comp
    1C1341989Super Comp
    1C156198821 in.Super Comp
    1C64198921 in.Super Comp
    209198921 in.Super Comp
    2C73198822 in.Super Comp
    6C1198716 in.Super Comp
    6C11199017 in.Super Comp
    7C6198818 in.Super Comp
    8C8018 in.Super Comp
    8C81198918 in.Super Comp
    8C9718 in.Super Comp
    9C106198719 in.Super Comp
    9C142198919 in.Super Comp
    9C155198919 in.Super Comp
    9C18819 in.Super Comp
    9C77198718 in.Super Comp
    9C80198719 in.Super Comp
    9C87198719 in.Super Comp
    SC919 in.Super Comp
    unknown198818 in.Super Comp
    unknown198822 in.Super Comp
    198620Team Comp
    198620Team Comp
    0B52198420 in.Team Comp
    0C107Team Comp
    0C109198620Team Comp
    0C11198420 in.Team Comp
    0C14198520 in.Team Comp
    0C18198520 in.Team Comp
    0C31198320 in.Team Comp
    0C48198520 inTeam Comp
    0C48198520 in.Team Comp
    0C50198520 in.Team Comp
    0C78198520 in.Team Comp
    0C93198620 in.Team Comp
    1C108198521 in.Team Comp
    1C17198421 in.Team Comp
    1C3198421 in.Team Comp
    1C50198521 in.Team Comp
    1C64198621 in.Team Comp
    1C64 (dup?)198521 in.Team Comp
    1C65198521 in.Team Comp
    1C85198621 in.Team Comp
    1C9121 in.Team Comp
    1C9121Team Comp
    2C16198422 in.Team Comp
    2C4922 in.Team Comp
    2C7198421 in.Team Comp
    3C19198423Team Comp
    8C9198418 in.Team Comp
    9C10198419 in.Team Comp
    9C13198519 in.Team Comp
    9C16198419 inchTeam Comp
    9C49198519 inTeam Comp
    9C86198619 in.Team Comp